Is Pet Insurance Really “A Thing”?

A girl holds her dog.
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Yes.  Yes, it is. And, if you’re a pet owner and lover, you should consider the benefits of having a policy in place for your fur kids.

First of all, we have to realize that you can’t have cat people without the dog people. As much as each side will argue the merits of their pets, they still go hand in hand.  I mean, you never hear someone walk in and say, “Boy, it sure is raining cats outside today”, or “It’s really pouring dogs out there”.  If you do, it sounds like you might have some quirky neighbors that I definitely want to meet. That’s a whole other blog though. We also have to realize that there are bird people and lizard people and snake people and hamster people and…well, it may sound like I’m talking about characters for un upcoming Star Trek episode at this point, but you get the idea.  All of these animals typically have one thing in common; an owner who cares about them and loves them to the moon and back.

So why don’t more of these loving owners and families have the same type of insurance and protections for their pets that they expect for themselves?  One reason may be that they think pet insurance is going to be an expense they can’t afford. Let me assure you, pet insurance isn’t like the healthcare marketplace for humans when it comes to the pricing. It is nowhere near the price of the Blue Cross/Blue Shields of the world, although the coverage it provides can help cover bills that extend well into the realm and price range of a human’s doctor visit.  You can literally cut down on the three Iced Mochas you drink a month from Starbucks, and likely find a policy that can help protect your pet. That is way better than any caffeine buzz out there!

Once you take price out of the equation, there are some parallels with pet insurance and the human health insurance world. For instance, sometimes the breed of your dog, age or pre-existing conditions may come into play.  These will vary by company, but for the most part you can pick the type of coverage you want for your little ball of fur.  You can choose to pay a little more in premium a year to have all their shots, flea and tick treatments, check ups and heartworm medications covered, or you can choose to forego those options for a higher deductible coverage that will make sure you’re covered when it comes time for x-rays, unforeseen accidents and surgery events.  The choices are there, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call one of our agents to help you find the protections you want in place.

When it comes time to use your pet insurance, it does work a little different than most human doctor’s office visits.  You do typically have to pay the vet’s office for services rendered and then submit your claim for reimbursement through your pet insurance company.  In the end, it’s definitely worth it. Your fur babies will love you for it and be around a lot longer to fill your social media feeds with likes, loves and shares for the world to see.  I mean who doesn’t want to see another post from Pawblo Pawcasso?!

So, whether you’re a cat lover, a dog lover, or a little of both, there are options for you and your little ones.  We can help you put the right protections in place, so you can be there to lend a “paw” when your fur kids need it most.  Give us a call, or click HERE to start a quote, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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